Beginner Novice Jumps Beginner Novice Jumps BN Log 188013813 "Larry's Garage" Jump 188013814 "Pet Paw Print" Jump 188013815 "Bay Run Farm" Jump *This is Rachel's jump 188013816 BN Log Depending on who you ask, this is the "W" fence or "Mustache" fence - you can jump either low side. 188013817 Side of Bank Jumping the side of the bank is a BN height. Jumping the bank square from the front is Novice height. 188013818 BN Telephone Pole 188013819 BN Coop 194338202 BN Coop 194338203 BN Log Stack 194338204 BN/Novice Coop 194338205 BN Log Stack 194338206 BN/Novice Coop (top rail comes off for BN) 194338207 BN Log 194338208 BN Coop 194338209 BN Telephone Pole Stack 194338210 BN Log 194338211 BN Log 194338212 BN Log Stack 194338213 BN Cordwood Coop 194338214 BN/Novice/Training Ramp (rails come off) 194338215 BN Tires 194338216 Water Jump 194338217 Water Jump 194338218 BN Log Jump 194338219