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Our Services

Horse Boarding, Leasing, Lessons

& XC Schooling


Boarding Includes:

  • Feeding of Tribute Pelleted Feed, and Timothy/Alfalfa Mix Hay 

  • Horses watered twice daily (each horse has two 5-gallon buckets hanging in stalls)

  • Horses are hayed 4 times daily (unless out on grass, in which time it is actually 3x's per day)

  • Grass Turn-out in groups Mon-Fri 9am-3pm (Dry lot only turn-out available on weekends).  During winter months, horses are turned out in 3-hour intervals on dry lots if weather/footing is bad.

  • Ample bedding provided (pelleted sawdust)

  • Full use of 40-acre facility (including Indoor & Outdoor Sand Arenas, XC Course & Stadium Course, Starter through Training Level)

  • Weekly lessons are required of boarders (not included in the Board price)

  • No extra charge for feeding supplements (must be pre-measured in baggies or prepared in smartpaks)


(The following prices are based on cleaning own stall)

10x10 Stall - $600/month

10x12 Stall - $625/month

10x15 Stall - $650/month

*Hay surcharge of $50 if horse receives 7 or more flakes/day (up to 6 flakes per day included in board)

*Purina Outlast Supplement Option - $45/month

*No extra charge for feeding supplements (must be pre-measured in baggies or prepared in smartpaks)

Stall Cleaning Fees:

1 day per week - $12/month

2 days per week - $24/month

3 days per week - $36/month

4 days per week - $48/month

5 days per week - $60/month

6 days per week - $72/month

7 days per week - $84/month

***Horses must have their stall cleaned a minimum of 5 days per week.  More days may be required based on horse's stall habits.

Leasing Information

Horse Leasing

(Leasing does not include the price of lessons)

Leasing Policies and Prices

Lessons Information

Lesson Policies

To get started in our lesson program, please email us at or go to our "contact form" at the bottom of the page (scroll all the way down).  The minimum age for lessons is 6.  However, we do accept 5 year olds into our Summer Day Camps (check out our Day Camp page for details).


Please read through our Lesson Policies, and bring a signed Release Form and Barn Rules when you come to your 1st lesson.

Introductory Lesson Package

Introductory Lesson Package - $250
*Orientations will be offered in semester packages.  Please use the below form to sign-up for Orientation Lessons.  

***Introductory Lessons will resume in the Fall of 2024***

XC Schooling

XC Schooling Policies:

*XC Schooling Policies - PLEASE READ PRIOR TO SCHOOLING - (Contact Info can be found in link)

  • Ground person or trainer must be present and carry a cell phone.

  • $40 per Horse/Rider Combination

  • 24 Hour Notice required for both - Contact Info can be found in our Policies Link above.

  • DHS Release forms must be signed & on file prior to riding.

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